8 Closet Essentials

closet essentials

8 closet essentials

You may choose to go high end for these 8 closet essentials (the justification being they're timeless right?!) or you may keep it high street, maybe even vintage. Whatever your approach to these pieces, just ensure they're in your closet. They will carry you through every season, help you pull looks together, and transform your day time ensemble into one worthy of those last-minute drinks date with the girls! 8 closet essentials 

1. The Basic tees/vest

Whether it’s to team with a simple pair of jeans for daytime casual or to tuck into a leather pencil skirt for date night, every wardrobe needs a combination of basic t-shirts and vests. 8 closet essentials 

Black, white, grey, nude, khaki or navy?... Round neck, high neck or V-neck?... Do you like pocket detailing? Think about the color palette of your closet right now and ask yourself, what do you tend to wear the most? Stick to maybe 3 or 4 colors and a cut/fit that flatters your shape. If you’re someone who likes to cover your butt then ensure your tee’s/vests are longline. A mixture of sleeve lengths will help give your wardrobe versatility. 8 closet essentials 

2. Denim Jeans

The ultimate transitional piece that will not only take you from day to night, but also from season to season. It is however a misconception (to say the least) that you need to spend crazy $ on denim.

Don’t get me wrong, if for example you live in indigo denim and want to spend on a high end pair then go for it. However, if when you want a mix of colors and cuts then it can quickly add up. Ripped skinnies, ankle grazers, high waisted... you just don’t need to spend that much to achieve a luxe look.

Remember these are closet staples, you're dressing around them with key trend pieces. As long as they fit well, no one will ever question how much they cost. It’s all in the fit.

3. Leather Jacket

There’s nothing a leather jacket (or faux leather I hasten to add) doesn't go with. It makes a formal outfit edgy and your basic denim look on-trend.

You don't need to spend $1000 on real leather, but invest enough to ensure that your jacket does look like the real deal. Again, pay attention to detailing (read my post on this here) when shopping for your leather jacket, whether that’s the color of the hardware or strategically placed zips/pockets.

4. The Trench Coat

Classical. Parisian. Chic.

Maybe the most timeless piece you’ll ever buy. I can completely get on board with women who never buy designer clothing, yet take the plunge and purchase the trench of all trenches, á la Burberry. 8 closet essentials 

You may go for beige, you may go for black. You may go for a mid-length, you may go for a short length. Whatever your preference, rest assure that you will get cost-per-wear out of your trench coat... and more. So much more.

Don’t think that you have to splurge on designer price tags either. The likes of Club Monaco and Zara take on this classic with success like no other.

5. The White Shirt

Sophisticated, smart and versatile, the white shirt should not be overlooked. Tie around your waist, wear over swimwear, with jeans, a pencil skirt, layer under your cable knit sweater or use to dress down an evening wear jumpsuit.

Pay attention to detail when shopping for your shirt, this could be piping on the collar or the shape of the sleeve. It’s little details like this that make pieces look high end (even if it only cost $30). 

6. Leather pants

I’ve had a little massive obsession with leather pants since about the age of 19. I bought my first pair from Reiss (where I worked at the time) and the rest (as they say) is history. I own 2 pairs of real leather, the others are leather-look.

I just love that ‘crisp-put-together-ness’ they bring to an outfit. I made a pact with myself a short while ago to stop wearing them so much and to start wearing denim again. As much as I endeavor to step away from my signature look, I still can’t help but gravitate towards them when out shopping for new clothes!

If you’re new to the leather pant, I understand that you may be dubious. Don’t be. They go with everything, are super versatile, and as with denim jeans, there’s a pair out there suitable for all shapes and sizes. High waisted are the most flattering cut and look an absolute dream with a shirt tucked into them, clinching in your waist and making your legs look super long.

7. Denim shirt

Here lies my wardrobe bias. Never have I ever known such an all-round piece, and I know I’m not alone in my thinking.

It doesn’t matter what I’m packing for; a weekend in Manhattan, a few days back in the UK or a month in the Australian sunshine… at least one denim shirt goes with me. 8 closet essentials 

I wear it tucked into leather pants, with denim jeans (massive double denim lover), as a jacket in summer over cami’s/dresses and over bikini’s! I just find it the most versatile item in my closet.

Wear it open as a layer, completely buttoned up, under a knit with the collar out, or just unbuttoned at the top for casual chic. I have a variety of shades/washes of denim and different button detailing (just to add some versatility to my favorite closet staple).

8. Blazer

No closet is complete without a well cut blazer. It’s ability to completely transform an outfit never seizes to amaze me! Go for colors that will provide you with wearability and longevity. Black, nude and white/cream are my go to colors of choice, they go with anything and everything! 8 closet essentials 

Zara makes the best luxe looking blazers around, they nail the cut every single time and rarely cost over $80. If you’re looking to spend on a designer blazer, (cost-per-wear being your justification) there’s only one place to head to… Balmain!

I can put my black Balmain over the most basic/casual of outfits and feel incredible.

Shirt: Zara (old season)   Skirt: Zara   Sandals: Prada 




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