Basic Info

Age:    29

Height:    5ft 5”

Dress Size:    UK 4-6

Shoes size:    Varies anywhere between European 35.5-36.5

Location:    UK



Top fashion/ beauty tip:

Save and invest in classic and timeless pieces./ Drink lots of water!!

Favourite makeup product to buy:

My new go-to lip shade (mauve/brown/grey) and I own an obscene amount of highlighters (can't choose between the two).

How often do you work out?

I usually workout 5 times a week minimum but lately it’s only about 3 times due to a busier than usual schedule.

What type of workout do you do?

This can vary if I’m going through a phase of some sort. However, usually I’ll run or do the stair mill, then lots and lots of weights. I do all over body every session and focus most of my weight training on my glutes (followed by 10 minutes on my abs).

Do you diet?

I’m naturally very small and struggle to maintain weight so I definitely do not “diet”! However I’m a coeliac and an extremely healthy eater so my diet is super clean and full of primarily veggies and protein.

Is your hair your own/are your teeth ‘real’?

All my own hair and very much so my own teeth too!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Reading/ açai bowls/ watching documentaries/ Michelangelo and weekly massages.



 Atlantic-Pacific/ Erica Hoida/ Thrifts and Threads/ Tres Monikh/ Inthefrow/ Damsel in Dior/

Sincerely Jules/ Song of Style and Vienna Wedekind


And Other Stories/ H&M/ Reiss/ Zara/ Club Monaco and COS



Fashion Icons

Olivia Palermo/ Olivia Culpo/ Blair Eadie/ Victoria Beckham and Erica Hoida