Buying High End Looking Pieces

Buy high end looking pieces

Buy high end looking pieces


Buy high end looking pieces

- Fabric -

Fabric can make or break an item of clothing, not just the way the fabric looks but even more so the way it feels. Opt for luxurious heavy fabrics that won’t tire and look cheap, anything texturized will exude quality. Go for  suede, leather, silk and cable knits this time of year and remember mixing up fabrics will bring an outfit to life. Here I'm wearing silk, leather, suede and shearling... don't be afraid, just go for it!

Photography: Ami Byrom

Gilet: Zara/ Shirt: Topshop/ Pants: Zara/ Shoes: Gianvito Rossi/ Bag: Gucci/ Shades: Prada

- Mixing it up -

I love my high end accessories, bags and shoes are that's where I spend and invest my money. I personally feel that you can wear any price point clothing and make it look high end and luxurious if your bag and/or shoes are designer. Apart from a few designer items of clothing (and I mean a few) everything I wear is high street. I mix the lower end stores such as HM, Zara and Topshop with what I call ‘bridging stores’ such as Reiss, And Other Stories and Club Monaco.

- Fit -

It sounds like a no brainer right, why would you buy something that doesn’t fit you? I see this every single day and not only does it ruin an ensemble but it makes it look cheap. Unless it’s meant to be oversized then buy a size that fits you. Notice I didn’t say ‘your size’? Unfortunately every brand and store has different sizing (making online shopping an absolute nightmare), so just because you’re a 2 in one store you may be a 4 in another. Get yourself into fitting rooms and make sure you have the best fit possible. If something is slightly big around your waist or too long in the leg, then spend those extra few bucks and get them tailored. You’ll thank me for it later.


- Details -

It’s all in the details. No but seriously it really is. Look out for hardware, details on buttons, hems and collars. All these little things really add to a piece and give them a high end feel.

- Catwalk Inspo -

When it comes to fashion month in February and September keep your eyes peeled for inspiration. Buying the March and August issues of fashion magazines will help you to navigate your way around the upcoming season. Following the September fashion month for example will keep you a step ahead, so that what you buy in A/W that year can maybe lead you into S/S.

Following catwalk trends will also ensure you're able to spot any designer inspired pieces the next time you stroll into Zara. What better way to make your ensemble more high end than to wear something that looks like it literally stepped off of the catwalk.





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