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Finding fashion inspiration is hard, let alone doing it every season! 

Nevertheless, I love fashion. Quite simply put, it’s an obsession - a real-life, out-of-control obsession! The right clothes with the right style make me feel confident - the very best version of myself. However, as fashion season ends, I dread the process of storing away the “old.

Every girl knows that feeling. Right?

Today, I’ll close the door on the very things that made me feel happy - the clothes I’ve become attached to and the memories we’ve shared. It feels worse than saying goodbye to a dear friend. Clothes are personal. They’re part of our experiences and give us the emotional connection to the present we'll never forget, like an old song you hear on the radio reminding you of that once upon a time. Isn’t it amazing how we remember the exact outfit we wore to those special occasions from years past (even though our special other barely remembers where we were)?

That’s fashion! And that’s what makes me excited!!!

When one door closes another opens. After packing my closet, I’ll start the process of seeking new trends, new colors and new styles that are going to make the next few months fantastic! IT’S A NEW SEASON! 

But where do you board the “fashion inspiration train”?

Here’s where most articles get it wrong. The common starting block is to scour Instagram fee
ds, fashion blogs and stores. As amazing as these sources are for styling inspiration, they’re definitely not where I’d advise you to start. First and foremost, you need to know exactly what is on trend. Don’t waste hours aimlessly admiring outfits and clothes without knowing what you should be wearing. Find purpose!

And for that, there’s only one source – Vogue!

I was 13, on a family holiday to Spain, and running low on fashion magazines when I picked up my first Vogue. There was an immediate connection that jolted the fashion fiend inside of me. I was captivated by the pictures and inspired by the endless possibilities of creating new styles. The magazine resonated with me in a way I can’t articulate… a “When Natalie met Vogue” type of moment. From that day on I was hooked. Carrie Bradshaw hit the nail on the head:

“…I bought Vogue instead of dinner, I just felt it fed me more”.

Over the years, I began to appreciate Vogue as much more than just a catalogue of pretty pictures. It’s the ‘fashion bible’ that: sets the trends for the season; confirms what you’ll see in the stores; and ostensibly, what we’ll be wearing over the next few months.

For that reason, I start every inspirational session with the following Google search:

 “Vogue Top New Season Trends.”fashion inspiration.

They usually provide a top ten list of trends to watch. This season it looks like the 80s are back (dear Lord, I hope the hair isn’t), sportswear is in (for the gym only please), and the new color is Fuchsia. I like pink, but I LOVE fuchsia pink (bright/shocking pink, if you’re not familiar with this word). It suits my tanned skin and I know how to wear it in a way which suits my personal style.

There are several other trends, but they don’t all speak to me. Not every trend will, and that’s ok. It’s also ok if none of them do. Remember, just because it’s a ‘trend’ doesn’t mean you must incorporate it into your life/closet. Fashion serves as a reflection of one’s own unique story and personal evolution, so be true to yourself.

As I scroll through the article, I take copious notes. What’s Vogue conveying? What are the changes in this season’s cut, fabric, prints and colors that are gracing their pages? Be meticulous. Great stylists know these answers because it helps them build a framework to work off.

Spring/Summer 2017: 10 Trends To Know Now
By Ellie Pithers

Once I know what to look out for, and only then, I head to my favorite bloggers. ‘People watching’ (from the comfort of your own sofa) has never been easier. How are they styling this new season’s trends? What are they mixing and matching?

With impeccable taste, Blair Eadie (The Atlantic-Pacific) tops my list. And while there’s just no way I can afford the same clothes she wears, the way she assembles her outfits inspires me to no end. She epitomizes my style. I’ve learned that although our budgets are different, I can create my own ideas to put together a look that’s affordable and fabulous. Don’t be afraid to look outside of your comfort zone either, you can spark creativity by incorporating different styles. Broaden your reach. Remember, Steve Jobs said:

“…creativity is just connecting the dots.” 

At this point, the only thing a fashionista like you wants to do is run to your favorite store. And with the creative juices flowing, who can blame you?

Slowwwww down! 

Ever go food shopping when you’re hungry? Well, Don’t! You’ll buy everything.

So to avoid that impulse buy, my first port of call for any new fashion season is always my own closet. I open those doors and take time to revisit my “old” clothes. I search for the pieces that can come back to life – pieces that are back on trend. Then, and only then, will I go online/to the store, in a bid to add some carefully chosen items to my new season’s look. When shopping for new clothes, the most important aspects I seek are versatility and longevity. (Read my post here on how to buy high-end looking pieces).

And that’s when it hits me! Fuchsia!(fashion inspiration)

My heart quite literally skips a beat. A fond memory is brought to the forefront of my mind. She’s in my closet… somewhere.

As I rifle through the sheer mass of fabric, I spot her. A classically cut, fuchsia pink shirt I bought over three years ago (!!!). I remember wearing it to that birthday party like it was yesterday – me, my fuchsia shirt, and this massive statement necklace (I swear they were in!).

I need to wear this piece of pink perfection today. Actually, right now (a perfect example of why you should stay out of the stores at these moments). And I know exactly how I’m going to style it. (fashion inspiration)


What’s Vogue conveying? What are the changes in this season’s cut, fabric, prints and colors that are gracing their pages?(fashion inspiration)

How are they styling this new season’s trends? What are they mixing and matching?

Open those doors and take time to revisit your “old” clothes. Search for the pieces that can come back to life – pieces that are back on trend.


Black is fuchsia’s partner-in-crime. The contrast is powerful. Wanting a classy look, I head over to my pants and pull out a high-waisted pair with a cigarette cut. Having such a small frame, I need to be able to tuck my shirt into my pants/skirts. Anything high-waisted accomplishes this look with ease and sophistication.

Next… accessories.

I add a double buckle belt, patent nude Gianvitto Rossi pumps, timeless over-sized Prada shades and of course, my Gucci signature padlock handbag. My accessories are always classic pieces. They epitomize who I am (sartorially speaking) and I incorporate them into all styles in every season.

I feel so chic. Polished. And Confident.

As I look at myself in admiration, realization hits me. Packing away last season’s clothes should never dampen my mood. This fuchsia shirt reminds me that: there’s light at the end of the closet tunnel; trends always come back; and it’s not goodbye forever, but more like… “see you again soon.”

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration


Location: Bryant Park, NYC  (fashion inspiration location)

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration

Fuchsia Fashion Inspiration




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