How to shop

how to shop

how to shop

how to shop


Whenever I shop (whether that’s online or in-store), I can determine what I will purchase at an alarming speed.

This is down to knowing what suits me and what looks I adore on my style icons (read here). I also know what’s ‘on-trend’ that current season, that I feel would work well with my style (read my blog post here).

I’m going to share with you the thought process I had whilst shopping for this gorgeous Victoria Beckham for Target dress.



how to shop

Vary your stores

Here’s a bit of a back story for you.

My favorite stores, (read here) are always my fail safe. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’ll always find something I love in there.

Over the last couple of years (and especially since I moved to NY), I’ve had a real issue with looking like everyone else. The thought of there being a high probability of everyone wearing a look/item I like, now stops me buying it. Regardless of how much I like it.

Once upon a time my clothes may have all been high street, however I’d only buy designer bags and predominantly, designer shoes.

My change in thought has led me to really explore the abundance of awesome stores available in New York. This has also stretched to said bags/shoes. I adore them, so why not purchase several a season!?

As much as I’m obsessed with Gucci, and can’t get enough of Chanel and Valentino, I feel like I’m ‘over’ this obsession of high end items.

I’m having a real love affair of late with high street designs, and how these seasonal purchases are so accessible. I shall be covering this more over on my upcoming YouTube channel, but let’s get back to the issue at hand.


My new exploration of all things fashion led me to Target. Like most of America, I can spend an obscene amount of time in there.

When I was informed that my idol, Victoria Beckham, was designing an adult, child/baby range for them, my heart skipped a beat… or six.

The range included five collections, all of which are inspired by her main collection, which is renowned for: circus scallops; pressed English flowers; English lace; clever bunny and pop floral.


My yellow ruffles dress is from her kid’s collection.

This is my next bit of advice, extend your fashion searches to the ‘young girl’ sections.

For obvious reasons, pants would be a no go, but dresses in particular are perfect. VB’s children’s range goes up to an XL, with the dress I’m wearing being a Large.

Think outside the box. Take a browse at the clothing sections of any store you go in. Don’t dismiss it purely because it’s not some 'big' clothing store, or it’s more known for cereal than shoes.


Knowing what suits you

From a young age I knew what suited my body type, and my personal style.

This is one of the most important factors to bear in mind whilst shopping for clothes. It’s not about ‘looking silly’, it’s about not feeling comfortable and confident in something that doesn’t feel right.


Ruffles are once again, BIG. They’re everywhere.

I love wearing them more than I can express. However, they can quickly swamp my tiny frame. I tend to steer clear of heavy ruffles on my upper body, and if I do wear them, they have to be placed strategically on a shirt, for me to even consider wearing them.

The ruffles on the bottom of this dress are spot on for my shape and for balancing out my big hair. I know this sounds silly, “your hair??!”, but when you're very small with big hair, (and a big butt), it’s a balancing act. Always.


Now onto the color. Yellow is without a doubt one of the most flattering colors for my tan skin and dark features. I’m lucky enough to be able to wear all shades/tones of yellow. I loved the pop of baby blue and the black trim. I try to steer clear, (not always possible) of anything that is one flat color, I just love the dimension a variety of colors can gives to a look.


This dress is short. A big bonus for me, and here’s why.

I can wear mini, midi and maxi dresses (luckily). I may be tiny in size, but at 5ft 5” I’m average height.

Usually I don’t love a short skirt/dress, I much rather something longer in length. Just a personal preference. However, this dress being ruffled meant it HAD to be mini for me to be able to wear it. I needed as little material as possible, in a bid to not swamp my frame. This goes back to the constant need for balance.

In this case, I needed to balance out the ruffles with some bare leg. And a lot of bare leg at that. With the dress being so short, I also wanted to wear my hair down, as to add an extra  ‘something’ to my top half.

how to shop


  • Feeling good in something is half the battle to looking stylish. Trust me, it shows if you don’t. You could be wearing the most gorgeous outfit in the world, if it doesn’t feel right on you, it’ll show!
  • A dash of black in a garment (no matter how small), will ensure you can dress it up/down and get as much versatility as possible.
  • If you’re small/big in a certain area, always look for balance in your clothing.
  • Look in stores you never usually look in. Have a browse at the kids section, you may be surprised at what you find/fits you.
  • Look to your idols. VB designed and wore a more oversized blue version of this dress, (which is where the inspiration came from). It was too big for my frame, but knowing what I loved and why it didn’t work for me, helped me to find this version that was more suited to my shape.
  • Know what’s on-trend for the season and decide what you like, don’t like and/or want to try experiment with.



This post is in collaboration with Victoria Beckham for Target. 

Some items are still available in store and online.



Lip Liner: Candy K by Kylie Jenner

Lipstick: Tarte, Color Splash Lipstick in Salt Lyfe









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