My 4 Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

I’m standing there, staring at my closet.

I shop. I shop a lot. In fact, most of my clothes still have the tags on. So why am I running late for my meeting? It’s because once again, “I don’t have anything to wear”?

Sound familiar?

We all know, that the problem doesn’t lie with not having anything to wear. Far from it. The problem is, we don’t know how to style our wardrobe efficiently.

So I created four simple rules. Rules that I put into practice every time I walk into my closet, to choose what outfit I will wear that day. They will help you put together looks with ease, ensuring you look on-trend every single time.

If you’re struggling to decide what to wear, or just simply how to put a look together- choose one of my four tips and work from there. I’ll explain just how to do this after I’ve shared my tricks of the trade.

They’ll be no more stressing about what to wear, I promise.



1) A statement piece of clothing

What do I mean by statement? Look for ‘stand out’ materials, prints and detailing.

That one piece of clothing in an ensemble that does all the talking. That metallic pleated skirt you bought last week, the floral bardot top you’ve had for two years, or those dreamy gingham pants.

Whatever it is, choose an item from your closet that you can pair with basics, such as a white tee or your favorite denim jeans.


Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips


2) A cover-up

This rule is a big one for my UK audience this time of year, (here in New York during the Summer months, it’s too hot for shorts, let alone any kind of cover-up).

I’m jacket/coat obsessed. I think they completely make an outfit.

Adding some kind of cover-up will not only serve as a much needed extra layer, but will give your look an extra dimension.

A cover-up can completely transform a basic outfit.


3) An add on item

What I mean by this is, a hat, belt, scarf, shades or jewelry.

I’m calling these add-on items, not accessories, because shoes and bags will be last (but not least).

These items will stand out and tie an outfit together. You can dress up or down any piece of clothing with the right add-on items. They can be incredibly inexpensive. Therefore, they are a cheap way to change up an otherwise tired look to be more inline with new season trends.

A wide brimmed hat (my personal favorite), a silk scarf or lots of dainty, layered necklaces can make an otherwise basic outfit pop. 




Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips


4) A strong shoe & bag game

You can make your outfit look super special with a strong bag or pair of shoes.

By 'strong', I mean anything ‘different’. Think textures, prints and embellishment.

You don’t have to be investing in designer pieces at all!!! Zara, ASOS and Forever 21 have so many budget friendly pieces, that will totally transform your ensemble.

I'm loving small, embellished bags right now, and shoes with  floral detailing. I could throw either of these on with a simple shift dress, and have a really stylish outfit that looks perfect for SS17.



Now how do you use these styling tips to get ready super quick each morning/evening?

Pick out your look the night before/morning of. Choose one of four things, and build your outfit around that one item. Whether it be your floral bomber jacket (rule two) or a leopard print loafer (rule four).

Here for example, my green lace crop top was my statement piece. I dressed around this beauty, pairing it with my trusty white culottes (which I’ve had for years). I added some gold jewelry, my simple nude patent pumps and my ‘strong’ white bucket bag.


Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips

Everyday styling tips




Crop top: H&M

Culottes:  Warehouse (old season)

Pumps: Gianvito Rossi

Bag: Forever 21 

Choker: Forever 21

Necklace: Z Collection at Accessorize (old season)






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