Organize Your Life More Effectively


I’m the queen of list making and would be quite literally lost without them. They are the key to my productivity and determine how smoothly my days run.

Make day/week/month and even year plans. The structure will keep you in good stead and determine how well you use your time. This will ensure that you not only get more done, but you get the right stuff done.

I have lists all over the place. They're in my phone, on my laptop and in notebooks, but the one that has all my s**t organized together is my planner. I love nothing more than putting pen to paper, (it’s one of the few occasions I get to actually write these days) and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing everything is in one 18-month plan of action.

It’s all very well and good making endless lists and having plans of action for every single day/ eventuality, but make sure they’re achievable. There is nothing more satisfying than ticking things off your list, and nothing more deflating than not being able to do so.

Set realistic goals and create equally realistic time slots to each item on your list. Stay away from social media/ Netflix and instead, GET S**T DONE

What do you want to focus on that day/week? Allocate time to each task, (realistic time slots) and focus on one task at a time. I’m a nightmare for not doing this. I go from one thing to another, but when I focus on one thing at a time I get so much more done.


Utilize you phone to the max! Add all plans to your calendar, track your diet/ exercise with apps, and sync everything up to your other devices. This way you’ll never have an excuse to miss appointments, meeting and deadlines.

My Mac, iPad and iPhone are all synced. This was I know that whichever device I’m using, anything I add or edit is also changed on my other devices.

If you work out before heading to work, then lay your gym kit out the night before. That way, you have it there ready to go as soon as you rise. Likewise, if you like to hit the gym after work, make sure your gym kit is packed and ready to go either with you to work. This will also increase the likelihood that you actually go to the gym, espeically  if you’re one of those people that procrastinate until it’s too late to go.

Do a big weekly shop! This way, you'll always have nutritious food in the house and won’t end up ordering takeaways. Plan your meals and keep water and healthy snacks in your car/ bag/ desk.

It sounds trivial but keeping everything around you neat, tidy and organized really does have a positive effect on your productivity. Everything else falls into place, and organization just starts coming naturally to you.

I’m a nightmare for having a messy bag, they're embarrassingly messy! I’m talking almonds littering the bottom and 6 different types of lip products scattered about. However, I’m pretty good at keeping everything else tidy and organized.

Keeping my office/ desk neat, ensures I know where everything is. This way,  I can be productive whilst working and won’t waste time looking for files or paper. Sitting in a tidy space helps with my focus and making me feel like I’ve ‘got my life together’.


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