Winter Skincare

winter skincare essentials

- Moisturizer -

It goes without Saying that a decent moisturizer is something I advocate everyone invests in regardless of the season, it’s a skincare essential which is fundamental when it comes to the building blocks of your regime.

I’m obsessed with moisturizing… I slather on body cream 2-3 times a day and get through jars and jars of face creams. Channeling a bit of thought into your moisturizer will have a profound effect on the future of your complexion and, in the meantime if you’re someone who craves immediate gratification your skin will be plump and your makeup will glide on like a dream.

Winter sees us swap our lighter oil free summer potions for more hydrating and thicker products, to not only keep our skin hydrated but to create a barrier to help protect against the cold air. Even if your skin type is oily, it is essential for you to step up the consistency of your moisturizer. If you don’t put moisturizer and oil onto your skin, then it naturally produces more in a bid to compensate for what it is lacking.

Be sure not to forgo your SPF, I personally prefer to layer a SPF 50 under my moisturizer this time of year rather than using a face cream with one combined, it’s a personal preference but I tend to find that the thicker more hydrating creams don’t come with an SPF so I’d rather not sacrifice on either when it’s so easy to use two separate products.

Nail your moisturizer and the rest will follow… I promise.

- Oil -

That feeling of cleansing your skin on a bitter cold evening and then slathering on a face oil takes some beating, I can actually feel my skin take a breath and drink in the hydration.

Oil molecules trick your skin into letting active ingredients present in your favorite anti-ageing face cream deeper into your skin, therefore closer to the collagen producing cells.

Apply your oil to freshly cleansed skin and let it soak in for at least 10 minutes before applying your night cream.

The beauty of face oil is that that they balance out your skin, it is such a misconception that oily skin types can’t use oil or that if you have acne prone skin they will break you out, this is simply not true. Finding the right formula for your skin type is key.

- Water -

If you used to follow my old blog you will know I am THE biggest advocate of drinking water, to the point where I come off as a little crazy (?!)

I aim for 3 litres of lemon water every single day and if I’m out and about more than usual I tend to not drink as much water (the constant need to find a toilet is enough to put anyone off) and geez do I notice a difference in my complexion on those days.

The benefits of water are endless but our focus here is skincare. Hydrating your skin from within is the best long term approach and believe me you will thank me in 20 year’s time when you are line free with plumped, glowing skin.


- Sheet Masks -

Korean women seemingly have the most exquisite complexions and it’s no wonder with a regimented skincare routine ingrained in them from childhood. It was therefore inevitable that the beauty world would go crazy for the face masks these women swear by.

Sheet masks are cotton sheets with eyes, nose and mouth cut outs which are pre-soaked in serums that address an array of skin needs from brightening to tightening pores and deliver immediate results.

I tend to stick to hydrating formulas which I leave on for 15-30 minutes, I massage in any excess serum and follow with my night cream.

Korean women use sheet masks 4-7 days a week and during the colder months I follow suite and up my sheet game to 2-3 times a week and boy do the results speak for themselves.

There are now an overwhelming variety of these masks available, some a great deal more money than others. I promise you that this really is one skincare area that you do not need to splurge on. When and all of the Sephora range are my ultimate favorites.

- Exfoliator -

I thoroughly enjoy exfoliating my skin, whether it’s with a grainy scrub or a chemical exfoliant.

I do feel like we’re made to believe that exfoliating is only essential in the summer months, sloughing away dead skin cells in order to make our tans last longer. I however find it an imperative part of my beauty regime even more so in the colder months.

My exfoliating regime is as follows:

  • A light daily exfoliation when I cleanse with my Clarisonic brush
  • I tone my skin of an evening with Pixi by Petra ‘Glow tonic’ which contains 5% glycolic acid
  • Using Ole Henriksen ‘Walnut Complexion Scrub’ every week to really work on any drier patches
  • A weekly chemical glycolic mask is by far my favorite method, Ole Henriksen ‘Lemon Strip Flash Peel’ and Peter Thomas Roth ‘Pumpkin Enzyme Mask’ are my absolute go-to’s





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